Jacob Tan En

Max typing speed: no significant difference. (YMMV, usually Dvorak at least as fast as Qwerty)

Comfort: Dvorak is much more comfortable.

Sustained typing speed: Dvorak is better due to much lower fatigue / strain.

Which layout should you learn?

Learn both. Dvorak for efficiency, Qwerty for compatibility (e.g. handphone, random computers).

One after another, not simultaneously. Probably Qwerty first.




My personal speeds:

Dvorak: 110 wpm (10-race average) on typeracer.com

Qwerty: 80 wpm (used to be >100 wpm when active)

Nowadays, using Dvorak exclusively. Qwerty occasionally for fun / convenience in rare situations.

Useful on Windows: Ctrl+Ins for copy, Shift+Ins for paste, Shift+Del for cut.

Bonus: hljk with Vim actually maps nicely on Dvorak.